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Forty-Seven Mile “Walk the District” Event Scheduled for May 24-26th by U.S. House (FL-12) Candidate Stephen Perenich

TARPON SPRINGS, FL – The campaign for Stephen Perenich – a candidate for U.S. Representative (FL-District 12) – has announced a three-day, “Walk the District” event which will commence on Thursday, May 24th and culminate on Saturday, May 26th. The procession will focus upon street-level interaction with the constituents and businesses of District 12, allowing Perenich to formulate an up-to-date profile of contemporary values, priorities and ideas which most accurately represents the voters for whom he will work.

In formulating the plan for this grassroots event, Perenich draws upon the campaigning style of former U.S. Senator and Florida Governor Lawton Chiles. As a relative unknown candidate in 1970, Chiles walked 1,003 miles across the state to evaluate the challenges for Floridians with “fresh eyes” on a face-to-face basis. The idea was famously successful in its ability to bond Chiles to the fortunes and conditions of his constituents; and Perenich sees necessity in re-creating this partnership dynamic if he is to empower the voters of District 12 in reclaiming their democracy from special interests.

Polling by collected during the week of April 29 reflects that, although most Democratic Super Voters remain undecided in the race, Perenich now carries a lead of between 5.5 and 10% against the other two candidates who have qualified for the Democratic primary. Having recently received official FEC certification, he now sets his sights on building continued momentum with his “Walk the District” event as part of an intensely interactive campaign which eschews the fundraising model of career politicians who buttress the priorities of big donors.

“Somehow, Congress has abdicated its obligation to function as a deliberative body which aspires to represent the values and solutions of our vast people into policy. Now, the job of a Congress person is seemingly to master the process of getting re-elected. I don’t want to master the art of winning elections. I am working diligently to make my campaign itself be a model for how I will serve,” says Perenich.

“Walk the District” is open to the public and will launch with an 8:30 am press conference on May 24th at the Heritage Pines Clubhouse in Spring Hill, Fl. It will feature daily listening stops (“Meet and Greets”) for breakfast, lunch and dinner at local businesses, in addition to issue-focused discussions each evening in town hall format. Perenich will be joined for the journey by family, friends and supporters – including student-activists from the local March for Our Lives initiative conjoined with the Perenich campaign. The north-south trek culminates in a celebration at Perenich, Caulfield, Avril & Noyes Law Firm in Clearwater on the evening of May 26th.

Perenich adds, “I don’t want to be elected because I campaign well. I want to be elected because the constituents here endorse my desire to be a conduit for the best ideas they give me on the trail. And ‘Walk the District’ is just such an opportunity for us all to share our collective wisdom.”

A subsequent “Walk the District 2” event, which will run from east to west within District 12, is scheduled for June 21st through 23rd. Details will be forthcoming.

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“Volunteers and Supporters Are What Make America Thrive”

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Democratic Candidate Stephen Perenich (Florida-U.S. District 12) draws parallels between his issue-driven campaign and breath-taking shifts in U.S. political landscape



TARPON SPRINGS, FL – With the swearing in of Conor Lamb and announcement of Paul Ryan’s retirement this week, it is apparent that changes desired by constituents across the U.S. to how Congress operates are beginning to realize victory against the inertia of special interest money and dated ideologies. This momentum buoys the optimism of the Perenich campaign that its service-based approach to governing portend ballot-box victory for their composite of progressive and pragmatic solutions.


“The announcement of Paul Ryan’s retirement and the swearing in of Conor Lamb signals a movement toward new leadership that values selfless representation and the interests of the American people over systems of greed and exploitation,” notes Perenich.


Frustration with government is no new occurrence. Candidates have run on outsider platforms for decades; and promised meaningful change which never happens. This paradox is what opened the door for President Trump to insert his foot and convince Americans to vote on cultural lines. His personality-driven message was relatable to voters who have continuously sought a shift in U.S. political priorities and saw him as a true disruptor.


It is evident that his message was just a more evolved way to campaign and not a pathway to political overhaul. Americans now see the wealthy even wealthier and the federal deficit skyrocketing.


Lamb has promised to ignore the zero-sum game/all-or-nothing mentality of political discourse in favor of what is correct for American values. And Perenich echoes these sentiments in Florida 12, where constituents need a representative who sees Congressional service as an obligation to people rather than a “fundraise for re-election” process.


“The age of the career politician may be mercifully ending as the American people take back our great nation with a Revolution by Democracy,” says Perenich, laden with optimism.


2018 is shaping up as a year for momentous change in practice and not rhetoric. Legislative initiatives for public service employment to provide Americans with career re-training, a living wage, new paradigms for public assistance, rational gun laws and functional healthcare have a real chance.


“We need your help. The time is now,” asserts Perenich.


The campaign’s website is Contacts/Press Inquiries assigned/provided upon request

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U.S. Congress Candidate Stephen Perenich expresses support for “March for Our Lives” and student activists from Parkland, FL


TARPON SPRINGS, FL – Stephen Perenich, candidate for the 12th Congressional District of Florida, is proud to announce his emphatic endorsement of the March for Our Lives movement and its namesake rally to be held on March 24th of this year in Washington, D.C. 


“The best way to prevent kids from being slaughtered in another senseless tragedy is to make it harder for dangerous people to get weapons of war,” says Perenich, 50.

In supporting the nationwide “March for Our Lives” initiative, the surviving students of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas (MSD) High School shooting have forced gun owners and citizens alike to re-think gun policy in America. And Perenich finds common ground with these inspirational student-activists, as he agrees that sensible reforms are imperative to prevent disturbed youths and the mentally ill from purchasing assault weapons.

As the students of MSD are set to return to class on Monday, Feb. 26th, Perenich remains heartbroken for the 17 victims and their families and friends, while offering his prayers of support.

If elected to U.S. Congress, Perenich’s agenda will include the implementation of universal background checks and additional funding for community programs which treat the mentally ill before they become a danger to themselves and others. Visit for more information.

Stephen Perenich, a democrat from Tarpon Springs, is a small business owner and tax consultant with Bay Area roots dating to the 1950’s. His campaign continues to actively consult with area businesses and voters to introduce his platform and seek interaction on issue positions. If you have inquiries or would like to schedule a speaking engagement, please email



The campaign’s website is                                                         Contacts/Press Inquiries assigned/provided upon request                                                             (727) 888-4149