Why I’m running 

The 2016 Presidential campaign and election was different. To some it was providential; to others, it was a disaster. To me, it was a sign that our diseased political system has left us desperate, disconnected and tragically divided. What path will we take if times get even tougher? Will we work together in solidarity with one another or will we scapegoat the weakest among us? Will we elect servant leaders with character and integrity who will courageously reset our government to represent all of us or will our nation sink into despair because nothing ever changes in Washington DC–and when it does change, it just gets worse?

My story begins as the son of a heroic trial attorney who taught me to stand with those who have been hurt and exploited by the powerful. As a young man, I struggled as an outsider–but then learned from that experience how to blaze my own path as a businessman, tax professional and community builder. As an older man, I experienced great injustice and loss–and learned from those experiences the compassion and sacrificing purpose that have stirred me to public service at this critical moment in our nation’s history. I am the non-politician candidate, running to reset the relationship between the American people and our government. I will not accept special interest money and I will not sling mud against my opponents. But I will absolutely and relentlessly fight for the working women and men of our district so that we can leave this world better than we found it: for ourselves, for our children, and for our grandchildren. I invite you to join me in this Revolution by Democracy.


Why I’m running.


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