Born in Clearwater and raised in Tarpon, Stephen’s roots in District 12 run deep. His family has lived here for almost seven decades. Stephen graduated from Tarpon Springs High School and studied business finance at the University of Notre Dame. While in college, Stephen met his wife Julie, with whom he is now raising five sons and a daughter. Stephen has never been a politician. However, as a tax professional and small business owner Stephen has 20 years of experience interpreting the tax code and also building and leading winning teams. Where does Stephen get his inspiration? Stephen is a man of faith and he has experienced the life-giving support that comes from family and community. Some of Stephen’s favorite books include The Hero’s Journey, From Wild Man to Wise Man, and Back to Virtue. Stephen is running to serve the interests of the people in our congressional district and bring a new vision to government that speaks truth to power and puts working class families, individuals and their communities first.