Why I’m Running

Over the last 30 years we have seen signs our democracy is starting to slip away from us and if we want to keep it, we will have to fight for it. Our democratic institutions are under constant attack. Dark money pours into campaigns and we are losing confidence in our elections. Widespread corruption has become commonplace, even at the highest levels and government debt continues to soar beyond imagination. Pragmatic lawmaking has been replaced by intense partisanship. Wise and nuanced laws get discarded as too compromising. When laws are passed, corporate and political elites often conspire to exploit the working class. As citizens, we are not only losing confidence in our leaders and the system itself but we are also losing hope in the future. We have seen our jobs become scarce, our wages become stagnant and our healthcare, cover less and less while costs have exploded. This has resulted in a hollowing out of our working class. If this trend cannot be turned back, all power and prosperity will be concentrated among the privileged while the rest of us fight to make our families whole.

But we cannot give up. We need to believe that real change is still possible ā€“ this despite our hopes having fallen every time we elect someone new to office. But no, this is different. This is different because wise, ordinary citizens are now stepping up to serve our fellow Americans ā€“ not for the purpose of serving themselves. I have never even run for office before, but as a tax professional and small business owner I have seen firsthand the struggles of the middle class. Iā€™m running to serve the interests of the people in our congressional district, root out the diseased and poisoned areas of our system, bring a new vision to governance and put working class families first. I am here to pick a fight with the powerful ā€“ for our people, our families and our country.