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U.S. Congress Candidate Stephen Perenich expresses support for “March for Our Lives” and student activists from Parkland, FL


TARPON SPRINGS, FL – Stephen Perenich, candidate for the 12th Congressional District of Florida, is proud to announce his emphatic endorsement of the March for Our Lives movement and its namesake rally to be held on March 24th of this year in Washington, D.C. 


“The best way to prevent kids from being slaughtered in another senseless tragedy is to make it harder for dangerous people to get weapons of war,” says Perenich, 50.

In supporting the nationwide “March for Our Lives” initiative, the surviving students of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas (MSD) High School shooting have forced gun owners and citizens alike to re-think gun policy in America. And Perenich finds common ground with these inspirational student-activists, as he agrees that sensible reforms are imperative to prevent disturbed youths and the mentally ill from purchasing assault weapons.

As the students of MSD are set to return to class on Monday, Feb. 26th, Perenich remains heartbroken for the 17 victims and their families and friends, while offering his prayers of support.

If elected to U.S. Congress, Perenich’s agenda will include the implementation of universal background checks and additional funding for community programs which treat the mentally ill before they become a danger to themselves and others. Visit for more information.

Stephen Perenich, a democrat from Tarpon Springs, is a small business owner and tax consultant with Bay Area roots dating to the 1950’s. His campaign continues to actively consult with area businesses and voters to introduce his platform and seek interaction on issue positions. If you have inquiries or would like to schedule a speaking engagement, please email



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